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Featured Projects

Take a look at some of our recent projects to see how we can help you with expert permitting, code consulting, and building compliance solutions to your project.

W 142nd Street

A gem in manhattan. Building was negliected with violations from Housing preservation development with single room occupancy was transformed to Class A apts. With in depth knowldege of how to rectify violations, our expertise was able to move quickly with a certificate of occupancy amendment

Location: Hamilton Heights
Project Type: Gut Rehab / Amend Certificate of Occupancy
Duration: 1 month, from pre-filing to approval
Zoning: R6B

316 W 21st Street Exterior View

21st Street

Existing Two family horizontal enlargement, approval was completed in 1 month. We provided a strategy for the owner to start work immediately. During construction, project was issued 2 stop work orders, DOB inspectors came and resolved the SWO within a week. Coordination is imperative to opening up the project. Delays on a project can be detrimental, but we were still able to resolve it and kept the timeline under 1 year for a gut renovation and amendment of certificate of occupancy.

Location: South Slope - Brooklyn
Project Type: Residential Gut Rehab/ Amended Certificate of occupancy
Duration: 4 Months
Zoning: M1-2/R6A

21st Street

LFNY Consultants successfully streamlined code compliance and permit expediting for a two-family horizontal enlargement project. The project involved the gut renovation of an existing two-family building, with the goal of obtaining timely approvals and an amended Certificate of Occupancy. We conducted a thorough assessment of the structure and collaborated closely with the client to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. Our extensive knowledge of DOB regulations facilitated a smooth approval process, obtaining necessary approvals within a timeframe of September 21 to November 10. With the DOB approvals in hand, LFNY Consultants expedited the permit application process, coordinating with various city agencies and stakeholders.

Location: South Slope - Brooklyn
Project Type: Residential Development
Duration: 2 Months to Approval
Zoning: M1-2/R6A , LIC

32nd Street

Project was a take over from another team, hired by new owners, we took over the project and added value by reviewing ability to obtain bonus floor area with a specified Use to promote more businesses in LIC. This allowed for a bigger building to be built on the lot.

Location: Coming soon...
Project Type: Coming soon...
Duration: Coming soon...
Zoning: District M1-2/R6A , LIC

Clinton Street

Existing 3 family renovation, gut renovations of a 1899 building. refinished with modern design while keeping the exterior historical look and feel. Amendment of Certificate of Occupancy was important to be achieved in 9 months so the children can start school in their new neighborhood. we were racing to the finish line with a Temporary certificate of occupancy that allowed them to move into the space just in time before school started.

Location: Brooklyn
Project Type: Gut Rehab/ Amend Certificate of occupancy
Duration: 9 Months
Zoning: R6B

Mott Street

Commercial space in Little Italy - application stated nearly 10 years ago and was left in open status. as the building enforcement became more strict, it is now more important than ever to obtain the amended CO to reflect the commercial use of this space. We helped obtained a Temporary CO and removed place of assembly violations incurred throughout the years with FDNY.

Location: Manhattan, NY
Project Type: Commercial Development
Duration: 2 Months
Zoning: District C6-2 / LI

Union Street

This is a new Building was left in deteriorated condition - abandoned and half built. The previous owner had neglected the site, we were part of the new owner’s team to reactive this project facing structural stability issues, adjoining neighbor’s compliance, an active vacate order, stop work order from several compliance divisions at Department of Buildings. Unraveling this complex project for a fresh start took about 6 weeks. The coordination was key to success. Each division had its’ own requirements, and had several different inspectors visiting the site to confirm all work was satisfactory to their concerns.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Project Type: Coming soon...
Duration: 3 Months to Approval
Zoning: R6B